Keeping A "Low" Profile

The Following Adventure Has Been Brought To You By:

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Just in case you haven’t heard, I’m one of 12 beauties competing  in the 2014 Colour of Couture (COC) Competition.  Did I call myself a beauty?  I did!  Can you believe it?

I’ve been feeling all sorts of glamorous as of late with COC giving me a real ‘Diva Injection.’  
Not the Diva described in the Urban Dictionary.  You know the ones — Miss Thang, 
Miss High and Mighty, Miss Give-Me-My-Way-Or-There-Will-Be-Hell-To-Pay.
The injection I get from COC is the Diva who is a successful woman exuding 
self-confidence and a unique sense of style.

Colour of Couture recently posted the profiles of all candidates on their website.
This is the first I have seen any competition do 
and I find it an idea others should use an an example.  
For me, the profiles signify that it is not just our outward appearance which governs the outcome of the competition, but our innermost thoughts, as well.

You will find my profile “low” under the others — expected with my name beginning with the last letter in the alphabet.  But, by all means, do not stop with mine.  Read what all the Ladies have to say about what it means to them to be a Woman of Colour.
Oh, by the way….
Make sure to have a beverage and something to snack on before you begin to read.
You know how wordy I can be……

Beauty is not caused.  It is.

~ Emily Dickinson ~ 

♥ ♥ ♥


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