The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:
Tiffany Cape (Red) – Lions & Butterflies
Couture War Jewelry & Headpiece – Modern.Couture
Greco Strip (Red) – On A Lark
Memory Hairbase (Black) – EMO-tions
Aura Shoes – Slink (Peachberry) FLF Exclusive – ANE 

Today is my birthday.
Not just any birthday mind you, but one that marks a milestone in my life.
Many wonderful and hardworking individuals didn’t make it to this ripe old age.  I am therefore blessed by the heavens which is why I am declaring myself henceforth now and forever….
The GodDESS!
Yeah, yeah.
I’m no goddess, but I am several other things that begin with ‘G.’ 
Let’s try 
grumpy, gabby, goofy, gassy, gray (hair) and yes even at times…ghastly!
All the luxuries of becoming a woman my age.
But, I’m also grateful.
Grateful for my Second Life where I can be anything and any age I choose.
So, yes.
Today I am The GodDESS.
Given strength by my family and Second Life loved ones, 
I can continue on to reach higher heights and yet another milestone 
in this journey I call 
“The simplest and most basic meaning of the symbol of the Goddess 
is the acknowledgment of the legitimacy of female power as a 
beneficent and independent power.”
 Carol P. Christ 

♥ ♥ ♥

~ For you, Estefan ~

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