High and Trippin’

Attention all readers.
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it has been strongly suggested that you add this perfect atmospheric music 
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The Following Adventure Has Been Brought To You By:
Countess Thigh High Boots (Trippy) 
Countess Corset Dress *Bonus* (Black) 

Coupe Afro Disco – Kmel Show
Craving to Summer Earrings & Bracelet – Bens Beauty
Sleek Glasses 1.19 – primOptic Eyewear
Slink Nails – Kawaii Dolls


I’m high.

High on life, that is. And I’m not quite exactly sure why.
Maybe it’s because my modeling career has taken a drastic turn for the better.
Perhaps it’s because my first anniversary in the industry is next month.
is it the fact that next month also holds the date which will bring about a benchmark birthday for me?
Who knows, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.
I’m accepting that I’m high right now and loving every minute of it.

They say that the colors you wear reflect your mood.
I can attest to that.  I catch myself dressing in a way that speaks volumes.  
I remember one time, I had just broken up with a guy and before I knew it, I was dressed in gold, khaki and camouflage which soon turned into a really militant outfit.  
Violence was on my mind and if he had come around that day, 
he would have been in for a world of hurt.
But, that’s not how I feel now.
I’m high, remember?
I’m happy, 
which is why when I landed at Allure and saw Athayus Quan’s Countess Thigh High Boots called “Trippy”, I had to have them!  I had gone there to get a different pair all together, but oh the color of Trippy — I was mesmerized.
I snatched them up and took them home soon preparing what dress I was going to wear them with, when low and behold, I had discovered 
Athayus had stuck a bonus dress in the box!
Although, black clothing isn’t’ the best for my skin tone, I had to wear it so that you could see just how generous he is.
So get high on life and trip on over to Allure.
Let colors show your expression!
“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

~ Pablo Picasso ~
♥ ♥ ♥

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