She’s The One

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:

Baby Monkey  ❈ Flower ChildN@N@

...with his muscular build and silky-smooth skin like dark chocolate, he looked me straight in the eyes — deep into my eyes, parted those kissable lips of his and said, 
“Zoomy, you are insane!!”

I’ve heard it before, ya know.  That I’m insane.
Strange, because I think I am perfectly normal.  
Oh, I know the consensus doesn’t literally mean insane as in 
strap-me-down-in-a-designer-silk-brocade-straight-jacket-embellished-with-rhinestones and-Swarovski-crystals. 
I’m sure they all mean that I am, well…different.  
And at times, difficult to understand.
They say there is someone for everyone and I use to believe that meant in the matters of the heart.  But, I was being short-sighted.  It can also mean finding that one individual — that one person– who shines above all the rest.  Who brings out the best in you.  Who, even though they are paining themselves, will bend down with their bad backs and skinned knees to pick you up, brush you off, spank your backside for not listening to them in the first place and then set you on the right path….with love.
I found her.
She’s the one. 

That’s what I call her.  
Well, that and “Chickadee”, but mostly “Woman.”
Saby (AnnieDisruption) aka “Woman” is my bestest of the best.  
My SL bud, my adviser, my confidant and now my hero.  
Going through a bad patch in her life, she chose not to be submerged in the Sea of Pity, 
but, rather floated above to bring her dream into fruition — Noctua Designs.
Featuring whimsical jewelry that the younger generation and the young at heart will surely squeal, “Kawaii” over, Noctua Designs is just beginning, but shows great promise for a successful future!
Here. Have a look-see for yourself….
❈  Sweet Cherries

 ❈  Bejeweled Owl Set

Butterfly Set ❈ 

Water My Garden ❈ 
Includes three sets of earrings: Purple, Sunburst (pictured at the top) and Daisy

 Bee My Honey ❈ 

It has been my goal since the beginning of my career to model for a budding designer.
I never thought she would come in the from of my best friend.
Psst… Woman. Keep up the good work!

You know, real life doesn’t just suddenly resolve itself. 
You have to keep working at it. Democracy, marriage, friendship. You can’t just say, ‘She’s my best friend.’ That’s not a given, it’s a process.”

~ Viggo Mortensen ~ 

♥ ♡♥ ♡ 

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