Not To Be Toyed With – Paisley Daisy

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:
Joeys Mesh Bohemian Lilac Lace Dress (INYT Exclusive) – Paisley Daisy 
Atika Shoes (Black) – PixelFashion  
 Astra (Ginger) – Damselfly Hair Salon 
Arielle Set – N@N@ Jewelry 
Dancing Black Amethyst Bracelet/Ring – Two Sisters Treasures 
I believe the children are our future. 
Teach them well and let them lead the way..

I never was a big fan of that song’s melody, but the lyrics ring true.

Children are our future and why anyone would jeopardize 
what lies ahead for us all is inconceivable.  
Child abuse or any kind of abuse is unacceptable 
and it is up to us to expose it for all to see.  
Only then can we take action.
I’m in the mood for an adventure. 
How about you? 
Today is the first day of Summer Solstice and the heat is raging where I hail.
What better time than to put on a dress fit for the season while still looking gorgeous?
Joeys Mesh Bohemian Lilac Lace Dress, a INYT Exclusive created by Paisley Daisy, was my pick of choice.
 In case you are unfamiliar with I’m Not Your Toy (INYT), take a gander at my previous post, Not To Be Toyed With – !smesh, for further details.
So, I’m all dolled up…
where do I go?
I’m really not in the mood for a lot of hooplah, 
bells and whistles or people for that matter.  
Peace, quiet and contentment — that’s the ticket.
I looked no further than under my nose.  
Today  I will be adventuring in my own backyard.
I started by catching up on some reading.
In fact, I became so engrossed in my chosen book, I completely lost track of time.
 The Lannisters did what to whom??!
By the time I took my nose out of the book, most of the day had passed.  So, I simply went outside and stood on my tree house’s deck hoping for a cool breeze to blow through my lace dress.  

I love the trees surrounding my home.  
Bright colors attract with hues of green, blue and yellow.  
I stood under one and soaked in it’s flavor.

The heat began to take it’s toll, so I ended my exploration quicker than expected.
But, the good thing is, when I desire to do it again, all I have to do is swing open my door and step out…

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”
~ Russell Baker ~

 ♥ ♡♥ ♡

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