Not To Be Toyed With – PRISM

The Following Adventure Was Brought To You By:
Aruba Hibiscus Dress (INYT Exclusive) – PRISM Designs
Helena Shoes – Redgrave
Market Tote (Seaside) – Le Poppycock  

Big Floppy Hat – BoHo HoBo  
Street Mod 3 Hairbase (Blond) – sYs
Milano Cats-Eye 40’s Glasses – Maxi Gossamer  
 Stacked Bangle Bracelet (Former Free Gift) – Prism Designs
Oxidized Silver Hoops – Paper Couture 
Atlantis Moon Ring – Maxi Gossamer 


It’s not okay.
Don’t sweep it under the rug.
Expose it… 

  Abuse can and will pass from family member to family member.  
I’ve seen it and the only way to stop it’s progression is to expose it.
Find your voice and speak up.
Take part in charity events for victims of abuse such as I’m Not Your Toy (INYT),  
a new Second Life charity supporting abused children in foster and kinship care.
Their first event popped off today and will continue through June 23rd.  
Have a look-see at my past post Not To Be Toyed With – !smesh for more information.
One of the sponsors of the event is PRISM Designs.  
I am a Prism Fashionista Blogger, so when I saw them on the list of supporters, I knew I had chosen the right designer to blog.
Thank you for being a part of such a worthy cause, Prism!

Today, my adventuring took me to Marron’s Onsen Jiniya and Niwa
an adult sim complete with a Japanese Garden, Sake Bar, Dojo, Sakura Sky Garden 
and a Tree house Spa.  
They claim their hot spring is “…for getting a baby.”  
Reading this declaration, I should have run away as fast as my heels could carry me, but my surroundings were so serene and a vision to behold that I decided to stay.
Take a look…
 See the little fish?  So cute!
I wonder if they consider that a hot spring…
<shuffles over to her right — way over>
When I saw this tree, I had to pose in front of it.  Such a vision!
Red is my favorite color and seeing it is like waving a red cape in front of a bull.
My eyes are immediately drawn to it while all else fades away….
 The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, 
but in active charity and in willing service.”
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ~
 ♥ ♡♥ ♡

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