Waiting For Frolic

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By These Designers:
Oversized Cargo Jacket (Black, Blue, Red White & Green) – Flower Child
Floral Tanks – Baby Monkey
Pencil Skirts – Peqe
Mesh Zipper Boots – sf design
Fix (Agave) – Analog Dog Hair
 Isis Solar Magic Jewelry – Maxi Gossamer

“You only delay the inevitable!”
This is what The Devourer of Souls, the final boss of the Forge of Souls in Icecrown Citadel, says to all those who dare to finish him off.  I’m speaking of WoW (World or Warcraft), of course.
Yes, yes…
I’m a gamer.  But, let’s save that discussion for another adventure, shall we?  I have something much more pressing to share.  You see, I am now a student of the esteemed Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy and I must say that I am all kinds of excited!  
However, there is one factor that has me in a bit of a tizzy…
 Frolic Mills.

I’ve heard all sorts of stories about his 105 class — the kind that has you chewing on pencils and pulling your hair out by it’s roots.  He’s tough, I’ve heard.   I was crying, spilled another.  It’s the hardest thing I have ever done, confessed more than one.  Yet, here I am on my journey down the modeling highway to meet Mr. Mills himself.
I’ve never been a woman to judge one on what others say.  Everyone is called “Dear” until they prove me wrong.  There’s no use in delaying the inevitable, so why not contact Frolic and get my own personal sense of who he is.  
Will he return my call…?

Wrapping my figure in an Oversized Cargo Jacket designed by Misty F. Stona (Misty Frugel), owner of Flower Child, I grabbed my cellphone and hit the streets in New York City.
Day 1
My cellphone rings catching me off guard.  Could it be him?

“Yes, Mamma. No, Mamma.  I promise, Mamma…..”

Day 2

New York was a bit chilly for me in the morning, so I covered up in yet another one of Misty’s Cargo Coats.
 While crossing the street, my phone rings.

“Look. I told you last week. The check is in the mail…..”
Damn electric company!

Day 3

“Hello..hello, Mr. Mills?!”
“No this is not Wong’s Massage Parlor. You have the wong…*sighs*…wrong number.”

Day 4
…and depressed.

Running out of money and clean coats, I decide to leave New York with my hopes dashed of ever hearing back from Frolic Mills.  Taking the elevator up to my suite to pack my things, my phone rings…



Good things come to those who wait.

~ English Phrase ~
Contact or any attempt to contact Frolic has not occurred…yet. 
However, being a student of MVW makes it inevitable.
Mr. Mills, I’m ready for my closeup…. 
♥ ♡♥ ♡

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