I LOVE Debutantes! Sorry Tom Hanks

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:
Cherish Gown (White) – Debutante
Grace Sandal (White) GOS 
 Fancy Kite Ruby Diamond Wrap Set (Gold) – Two Sisters Treasures 
FTN683 Hair (Red) – Saikin & booN
ANNA45 Hairpiece (Red) – Saikin and booN 
(Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake playing in the background)

When I was a little girl, I often dreamt of being a dainty ballerina all dressed up in my white tulle tutu and beautiful headdress and standing on point as I wowed the audience with my endless pirouettes that seemed to defy gravity…
..and then I got chunky and grew big boobs. 
(insert scratching record here)
At age 8, the dream was dead, but it’s funny how life is.  If you give it a chance, those dreams will manifest showing avenues that may be more pleasing than the ones you had before.
Case in point, Zoomy Bluebird. Me.
Although the beginning of my life didn’t include making a huge splash in Tchaikovsky’s Lake, I have found my rightful place as a model.  I’ve said it before in a previous adventure and I’ll say it again, I’m lucky.  
Lucky that I can keep my curves yet still feel as pretty as a ballerina and Shenlei Flasheart owner and designer of Debutante makes it oh so easy!
 Slipping into Shenlei’s satiny smooth Cherish gown in white put me in the mood for an adventure.  I searched for a Japanese garden and happened upon  
Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest
Doesn’t sound very Asian, I know.  But, names can often be deceiving. Take a look at how the beautiful Japanese trees are the perfect backdrop for a beautiful gown.
A swing artistically fashioned out of flowers, ribbon and vines hung nearby and well, you know me…..
I ventured forth exploring the entire forest of which harbored many places for friends and couples to steal away for quiet time.  It was also a great place to be solo — alone with your thoughts.  Surrounded by water, this “cheeky” place gave way to a beach, several cottages, a cave and….
Speaking of a cave, when I entered theirs which was so expertly hidden, I took a good look at my gown.  In the dim light, it still glowed. 
So, I decided to do an experiment with different windlight settings.  
Would it still shine bright like a diamond?
  Sure did.
Looking good.
Still going strong.
On a roll.
Two thumbs way up!
Got carried away.
Before leaving, I decided to head a bit deeper into the forest and found a house at the end of a trail.  The house was modern with white walls and monochromatic furnishings.

The chaise lounge in the living room called to me and I heeded.

And when I say it called to me, it really did.
As I lay there, it told me how lonely it was and to please keep it company….


Time to go!

If you ever do decide to visit Cheeky Tiramisu’s and I recommend you do, beware of the chaise.
It’s got issues.

“In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.”

~ Robert Bulwer-Lytton ~ 

♥ ♡♥ ♡

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