Monkeying Around Paris

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:
Floral Blazer (Lemon) *comes in 10 colors* – Baby Monkey
Oxford Bag Pants (Lime) *comes in 8 colors* – Baby Monkey
Cropped Tank (Chocolate – Group Gift) – Baby Monkey
Carrie Boots (Sand) *comes in 16 colors* – Baby Monkey
 Vivid Hat (Beige) – LODE
 Steelo Dreads (Full Burnt Orange) – Unorthodox  
The Vintage Landscape Ring – The Loto – B – Miwardrobe 
Summertime Easy Living Bracelets – Maxi Gossamer
Isis Solar Magic Earrings (Gold) – Maxi Gossamer 
Black Eyeliner – Gliders – Tuty’s  
Lipgloss – Dead Apples  

*The following is a reenactment.  Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.*

IM-ee: *Standing in front of lucky boards waiting for the the letter Z. Suddenly, an IM pops up*
IM -er: “Hi. I just wanted to to tell you that I really like the look of your ava. Great vintage look.”
IM-ee: *Blushes* “Oh thank you very much. You are too kind!”
IM-er: “That look is very classy.”
IM-ee: “Aye.  Vintage is one of my favorites. It never goes out of style.”
IM-er: “Very true.  I wanted to let you know that you look nice.”
IM-ee: “Thank you and so do you.”
IM-er: “I look like a…..”
 *Fade to black*
It never goes out of style.  You can dress it up. You can dress it down.  
It can be incorporate in any theme or genre.  
It’s elegant. It’s bold. It’s daring and romantic all at the same time.
It’s Vintage and I love it!
By the way, if you haven’t guessed, I’m the “IM-ee.”

So, where does one go to get all dolled up in fashions of yore?
Believe it or not, Baby Monkey!
To most, Baby Monkey (BM), now one of my sponsors, is known for their wide variety of reasonably priced shoes.  However, further in the back of the store is another world.  Wall to wall clothing, jewelry, stockings, purses, eyes, belts and more.  You could literally walk into Baby Monkey nakie and walk out fashionably dressed.
Here’s proof:
 PS – I do not condone you shopping at BM nakie.  
Since it is a PG sim, I don’t think owner and designer, Pixieplumb Flanagan or Pixie as everyone calls her, 
would appreciate a lot of avatars running around in the buff.  
Especially, since she just reupholstered the furniture.

Feeling elegant and dainty as I sometimes will, I decided to venture out to the place that exudes romance and femininity — Paris.

Once I landed at Paris 1900, I felt as though I had left the modern world behind and stepped back into an age were morals and certain standards were held high.
A man and lady out for a stroll with their dog caught my eye and I decided to check out their outfits as I sat on a bench nearby.
I think the dog was checking me out.

Near the bench was the Sarah Bernhardt Theatre of which I spent most of my time.  I loved the atmosphere.  I felt I should be drinking tea, eating petit fours and socializing with those who considered themselves High Society.
Just in front of me was a huge stage and a grand piano.  I looked around to make sure no one was within hearing distance and I…
 …tickled the ivories.  I played an Ode to Chopsticks. You should have been there.
The theatre had several floors of which all the walls displayed images of vintage Paris.  I found this one to be quite interesting.
Getting a divorce is part of a person’s rehabilitation.  So, now we know.
 Before ending my adventure, I decided to strike a pose in front of a lovely painting displaying ballerinas. 
I don’t profess to know anything about art, but I know I’ve seen this painting before.
If you know the name, drop me a comment.
 Au revoir pour l’instant, mes chéris et à bientôt!
“I started dressing vintage when I was a teenager because I didn’t have money for designer clothes.”
~ Dita Von Teese ~
♥ ♡♥ ♡

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