BEST Selling Novel

The Following Adventure Was Brought To You By:

Striped Leather Skirt (Yellow/Green) – Milk Motion
Spring Chill Sweater (Gatcha Rare) – Ionic
Arreci’s Boots – (Black) – Beusy
Cross of St. Peter’s Suspenders (Gray Gatcha) – Lunaricon
Charmed Bag (Floral Gatcha Rare) – ATTIC

Chapeau Long Fantaisie Bleu (Gatcha) – NuDoLu
Hairpieces GURA21 & Hairbase (Chocolate) – Saikin & booN
Water Drop Earrings – Paper Couture
Lip Gloss – Dead Apples
BEST Selling Novel
There are positive things in life that are planned and then there are those that creep from behind and slap you clean upside the head.  The Chapter Four did the later for me.

 The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event open every 4th day of the month for two weeks. They provide four rooms (Chapters) with four different sale themes, purchasing systems and designers.
The layout is as follows:
Chapter 1 ~ Buy 1 for 2
This room provides 2 for 1 products from various designers.
Chapter 2 ~ Half Price
The prices in this room are marked down to half of the main store’s original.
Chapter 3 ~ Under 100 L$
You guessed it!  Everything here is under 100 L$.
Chapter 4 ~ Gatcha
Try your luck to win the rare items from the Gatcha machines!

When I entered the store, I heard angels singing from up above.  A variety of fashions that would satisfy most consumer styles laid out before me.  There were also poses, skins, hair and even plants — all calling my name. 
My first stop was Chapter 4. 
I’ve always been the type of reader who skips to the end of a book to see what happens and I guess my shopping style is no different.  Gatcha machines can be fun and my first coins into a slot produced a tall and unique hat from NuDoLu.  Wearing it immediately, a light bulb came on. 
No. Not on the hat, but as an idea to challenge myself.  I would pick and choose fashions from The Chapter Four stores and create an entire outfit.  It wasn’t difficult. In fact, it was quite easy.  
Take a look at what I styled:
The Spring Chill Sweater from Ionic and Charmed Bag by ATTIC were Gatcha rares that popped out for me on my first try.  Luckeeee!
Here, take a closer look at the Bag…

My skirt from Milk Motion and Arreci’s Boots by Beusy were purchased from other Chapters.  But, the Cross of St. Peter’s Suspenders (and leggings) from Lunaricon was also a gatcha.  
*As of this writing, the bird was not for sale.*

Here’s a closer look at my Arreci’s Boots and Cross of St. Peter’s Suspenders (and leggings):
The boots come with cuffed socks and the suspenders, which you cannot see since they are hidden under my skirt, come with leggings attached.
Why do I feel as though I am being watched?

The Chapter Four.  Put this section of reading on your  monthly shopping list.  
I, for one, cannot wait to see what they have next month!
“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”
~ William Styron ~

 ♥ ♡♥ ♡

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