A Giantess Virgin

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible by the Following Designers:

Effect Mesh Zebra Blazer ~ Countdown
Pijama Mesh Pants Grey Tweed ~ MEB
Love Me Corset Red ~ blah.BLAH.blah
Sorrento Autumn Bow Tie Shoes ~ Similar Italian Footwear
booN UPP382 Hair Sandy ~ SAIKIN and booN Hair
Stacked Pearl Necklace Peach ~ lassitude & ennui
Oxidized Silver Hoops & Arrow Head Cocktail Ring ~ Paper Couture
Pha Makeup 1 ~ Face Paint
Miana Lips – Set A – Lips 4 ~ ::Modish::

A Giantess Virgin

There are many things that I am:

  • Visual
  •  Kind-hearted
  •  Cute (chuckles)

But, I am happy to report that I am no longer a Giantess Virgin.  BONZAI!
What is a Giantess Virgin, you ask?  Quite simply, one who has never seen nor met a Giantess.
Jess changed all that for me…

My “Heart” took me to a place called:
St. Lisa’s Giantess College For Young Ladies.
It’s interesting to say the least.  You sit on a bench and you’re shrunk down to size like Alice in Wonderland.  Suddenly, everything around you including the people are giants or “Giantess” I should say.  Sorry fellas, this is an all girls school.

After looking up a woman’s dress to check out her panties, I fell in her laundry basket and was strung up on the clothesline to dry. (That’s what I get for being a tad bit pervy)
Eventually, we made our way into the gymnasium where my Heart began to climb a rope to reach the ceiling. I, being the competitive one, jumped on one beside him thinking I could make it to the top first.  When low and behold..BOOM…down falls a huge mass knocking me to the floor!  It was Giantess Jess and with her huge feet making echoing sounds as she walked, I stood there like a deer in headlights not believing my eyes.  She asked me if I had ever seen a Giantess before.  When I answered, “No”, she became quite happy to be the first.  This relaxed me and I moved closer to her.

 It was at this point in time that she announced she was going to eat me.  Making a hasty retreat, my Heart and I left the gymnasium without looking back.

Our next stop was the college’s eatery called ” The Carni -Vore Diner.”  We checked the place out with me making sure we were not listed on the menu.  There were several interactive places inside including this intimidating being…..

We continued to “play” until we tired.  Sitting back on the bench, we returned to normal size and went home. St. Lisa’s College for Giantess Young Ladies — definitely a place to check out!

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

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