Banging Heads With Teach!

If there is one constant in the world it would be that the woman pictured above will ride you until things are done to her satisfaction.  You are looking at my current modeling academy’s instructor — the reason why my buttinsky has been dusting the ground for the past several days.

Our relationship started off simple enough.  We chatted about previous lifestyles, what brought us to modeling and even about love.  My respect for her grew as she imparted her knowledge and wisdom concerning the industry.  But, somewhere along the line, her and I like rams began to butt heads.  

I take great pride in everything I do since I give it 110% of my time and effort.  Painstakingly aligning prims, adding textures and styling an outfit, it is my hope that others will appreciate my work, as well.  Not so with my instructor.  Consistently pointing out the flaws and specifics I have missed has been a complete blow and for a short while stunted my creativity. 
“Why should I spend hours on an assignment when there is an excellent chance it will be taken apart at the end?”  This was my thinking.  But, then it dawned on me.
Before success, there must be chaos. *Points to the picture above*
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Chaos.

“I want you to create a blog.”
*sighs* Must I?!
Tap, tap, tap goes our heads against each other as she begins my journey into fashion blogging.  Creating a blog was a plan I intended to execute…someday.  Feeling I didn’t have enough experience and know-how, I put it on the back burner letting it simmer and stew until I felt I was ready.  My instructor had other plans.  So, here I sit — writing my first entry not knowing where it will all take me.  

If there is one constant in the world it would be that the woman behind this blog is traversing down a road where the directional street signs are marked SUCCESS.  Whether she reaches it’s end is totally up to her.  But, it certainly will not be because Chaos didn’t make it there first….


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